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Second Life Exercise: Yearly Reset Template for Self-Therapy

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The aim of the Second Life Exercise is to serve as a periodical, in-depth, psychodynamic reset.

We will capture and explore where we are in life in our relationships, feelings, self-esteem, pleasure, love and security, and also therefore where we are heading. I hope it can help us uncover, verbalise, understand our instincts and emotions, and perhaps reframe in healthier ways how we perceive ourselves and the world around us.

I like to use the whole exercise on a yearly-ish basis (New Year’s and Birthday), and I use many of the elements on a daily basis, or when I’m feeling particuarly anxious or overwhelmed. It’s intended primarily for people like me: anxious, semi-preoccupied, and perhaps deep-down, quite insecure, so is biased towards these feelings and thoughts.

The Exercise is based on the video here.

What's Included?

  • 👁️ Template and Walk-Through for Step 1: Collect for Feelings, Experiences and Preoccupations
  • 🧠 Template and Walk-Through for Step 2: Consider
  • 🔨 Template and Walk-Through for Step 3: Correct
  • 👤Template and Walk-Through for Finding Your Why
  • 🫀Daily/As Needed Template for Anxiety is Fear Exercise
  • 🫂Daily/As Needed Template for Reconsider this Relationship Exercise

How do I download the template?

Open the template link, then click "Duplicate" on the top right corner to duplicate it to your workspace 🖤 There's also a PDF file with a walk-through of how to access and use the exercise inside!

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Second Life Exercise: Yearly Reset Template for Self-Therapy

27 ratings
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