Organised Chaos: Book Bundle

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Organised Chaos is a divergent approach to our culture’s assumptions around work, productivity and living a successful life. 

Having finally rejected habits, discipline and consistency for their futility to work for me long term, I’ve finally re-embraced the power of motivation, impatience and most importantly, passionate chaos. I’m aiming to share how I realigned my relationship with my brain, and in doing so, supercharged my output, happiness, passion and peace. 

This is for the chaotic, passionate, distractible amongst us. 

We’re not lazy or doomed for failure, there definitely is such a thing as organised chaos. 

What's included?

  1. the PDF ebook-guide to Organised Chaos
  2. the Impatience Priming Notion template
  3. the (free) audiobook recording of the Organised Chaos Guide


This isn't a 200 page breakdown (lol) of my thoughts, it's a relatively concise 67 page e-book and 1h 24min audiobook. I wanted to make sure everything was broken down easily as I don't want to waste your time with lots of fluff.

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The PDF ebook of Organised Chaos, the audiobook recording of the ebook and the Notion Template for Impatience Priming.

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Organised Chaos: Book Bundle

77 ratings
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